2 Mar

Blog about the use of infographics as a tool for communicating. Include examples of at least three infographics you find. Describe either their positive or negative attributes.

Infographics, short for information graphics, are a great tool for communicating information. They visually represent more complex information, data, or knowledge in a quick and concise manner. And while infographics are mostly positive, there are some negative attributes. For example, they may oversimplify a concept or fail to fully present all of the data. Here are three different infographics that I found on Bing:

  • This infographic is a visual representation of nine different espresso drinks and the “ingredients” that make up each drink. Each drink is represented by a coffee mug, while the ingredients are represented by different colored rectangles within the mug. The size of these rectangles is based upon the ratio of that ingredient to others within the drink.

  • This infographic is a visual representation of the names of the different currencies used throughout the world. The names are arranged to form a map of the world, and each nation is represented by the name of its currency rather than border lines. The names vary in font size, depending on the size of the area in which that currency is used.

  • This is actually an infographic about infographics. It visually represents various statistics regarding infographics including chart styles, font, countries featured, key info, and base color. The graphic presents comparisons, averages, and percentages, among other data. This very concisely presents a lot of information in few words.

2 Responses to “Infographics”

  1. Adrian Garza April 15, 2012 at 11:08 am #

    Wow, for whatever reason, I expected some kinds of coffee to be made of more than the ingredients depicted in the infographic. Also, I like how you defined the idea behind most infographics: A simple and visual way to present and describe complicated information.


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